Our Vision and Mission

• To empower children and the youth among multi-religious groups to maturity and prepare them for the Lord’s coming.

• When vulnerable children are just children.

• To improve the well being of widows, street/abandoned children and orphans to enable them live normal and dignified life

• End Time Rescue Mission Network exists to ensure and promote the physical, spiritual, social and moral development of children and the youth (In and out-of-school) and seek to foster love, unity and understanding amongst them.

• End Time Rescue Mission Network believes that children (girls and boys) must be given equal opportunities in education, health, quality growth and moral development and must be free from all forms of abuses that affect them in their respective environments.

• To invest in vulnerable children so that their needs and potential may be fulfilled through the training of professional and committed workers who serve as trusted adults in the lives of these children and by contributing to the investments the children and workers need to secure a real future.

• To provide the women and children with the assistance to live a life that is decent and filled with the necessities of life and also to empower them by providing skills and knowledge that are necessary to negotiate support to maintain self reliance.